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Wow! SubscriptionRocket is working fantastic, for me and I just started using it. As soon as I added the code to my website I started gaining new subscribers to my newsletter.

One of the first people to sign up visited my website, worked his way through the pages and placed an order in the amount of $127.00! Incredible. That can only happen when your subscribers are well targeted.

In the short time that I've been in the program, I've gained a total of 221 new subscribers. That's fantastic. I've never received those kinds of results from any marketing effort in the past, and this is FREE!

What can I say? I love SubscriptionRocket. I'm like a little kid with this thing. As soon as I log onto the computer I go to my control panel and check my stats to see how many new subs I received today. Nice job Troy. Thanks for creating the tool that is going to change my on-line business forever!

Mike McGroarty


I had heard of from a few other online marketers but had never done anything about it. I figured it was just another pop-under that my site could do without.

Then I launched a new e-zine. Building your list fast is important when you launch and so I looked to use all the available tools I could find. I saw a forum post about and decided to see what all the fuss was about.

My first surprise was that it was free. My second was that it took just five minutes to sign up and put it onto a couple of pages of my website. The third surprise was the biggest of all:

Within one hour, I had four new subscribers! It didn't take me long to put the tiny snippet of code on every page of my website.

Now, sixteen days on, SubscriptionRocket has sent me 208 subscribers. What is amazing is the high quality. Many of them have emailed me, thanking me for the e-zine and asking questions, bounce rates are very low indeed, and, the unsubscribe rate is extremely low. Most importantly of all, these subscribers spend money! Even after such a short time, I can directly attribute over $300 in affiliate commissions to signups.

I don't know exactly how Troy McDonald and are weaving their magic, but I do know that I am delighted to be on the receiving end.

Martin Avis


Dear Troy,

I've been introduced to similar services in the past, but never did implement them for various reasons.

After testing your service, I knew very quickly this was a winner! I've been very happy with the results thus far. Best of all these are targeted subscribers. So I don't have to worry about my ezine being grouped amongst unrelated newsletters that have nothing to do with my audiences interest.

Anyone who is serious about building a quality readership for their online newsletter should know the importance of gaining targeted subscribers -- SubscriptionRocket delivers on that.

Josh Hinds



I have tried building my list through many different advertising methods which I have spent several hundred dollars on. I sure wish I knew about Subscription Rocket before spending all that money!

Subscription Rocket adds at least 25 new subscribers everyday to my mailing list completely FREE of charge! It was so easy to set up - took me less than 5 minutes and I immediately began receiving new subscribers to my list.

There is NO SPAM involved - just subscribers who WANT to receive my newsletter, not a bunch of useless names!

My sales have increased as a result of using Subscription Rocket too!

By recommending Subscription Rocket to my subscribers, I have earned even more credits for more subscribers.

The whole thing is so simple and absolutely free!!

Thanks for the service,
Nicole Russell

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